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Potluck meet-up
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Elles, Groningen

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Hi! My name is Elles, Im 24 years old and I've been living in Groningen for 1,5 years. My boyfriend and I are looking for people to socialise with/ hang-out with and eat with. My boyfriend is from Romania, therefore we mostly speak English. Id like to organise a meet-up with something like a potluck lunch involved! I follow a very specific diet, which makes it hard for me to contribute to other meet-ups revolving around food. I thought maybe there are more people with the same issue, or not, that would be into this concept of each bringing there own food (to share if you'd want :)) Something about us: Matei is a calm guy studying computing science at the RUG. He has been living in Groningen for 1,5 year. We share our love and passion for ballroom dancing together, and that is how we met. Since we are pretty competitive in the ballroom Dancesport, we spend a lot of time training, which sometimes makes it hard to build a social network. I have studied art therapy and Im into everything art related. We're both big fans of nature and we love to spend some afternoons walking through the park or soaking in the nature in other environments.
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